We are not indifferent to the future of our planet. When our children ask us what we did to save its beauty, we will answer: we did not sit idle!

We must take action here and now to minimize the effects of the climate crisis. That is why in January 2020 we founded the *Bespoke Foundation. Its goal is a change that is vital for all of us – an ecological and wisely managed world.

We really believe that only by working together and changing our habits, we can create a good world for everyone.


I edition of eco workshops


Eco workshops about to start


Second life of roll-ups

Every two years, the *Bespoke Foundation launches a new ecological project. In the years 2021 - 2022 we will continue with the educational program for the youngest *Eco-preschoolers, 2nd edition.

We implement the program with ecology experts who will go to preschools in autumn 2021 to conduct workshops with enthusiasm and a smile on their face.

We do believe that children who now get to know the world will treat it with more tenderness than we did. Concern for the common good and ecological action will be obvious for them. Our goal is to develop such an attitude.

Just as we did last year, in 2021 we will also run a series of eco-workshops in selected kindergartens during 4 weeks. We start on October 6. Each meeting is a separate adventure with an extraordinary guest who will take children on a journey around the ecological world.
Workshop 1 Workshop 2 Workshop 3 Workshop 4
Workshop 1 Get to know the forest (part I) What role do plants play in our lives and how can we protect them? • learning about tree species
• examination of trees with stethoscopes
• how trees clean the air
• why green cities are better
• forest tag
• forest relay
The workshops will be conducted by the ambassadors of the *Eco-preschoolers program. Each of them is an expert on ecology, has the ability to communicate energetically and attentively with children.
Kasia Workshop: Get to know the Forest (part I)

The forest has no secrets for her. She loves long forest walks, knows trees and can listen to them. She knows how to sensitize children to nature and teach them how to use it.
Grzesiek Workshop: … and its little inhabitants (part II)

He is fascinated with small forest inhabitants - their diversity in size, shape and color. In his free time, he goes to the meadow and looks for new specimens for his collection. During other meetings, he makes young people interested in the world of physics and technology.
Paulina Workshop: Forest Wanderers

Animal tracks are her passion. She can see forest specimens everywhere and knows interesting facts about each of them. Whenever she can, she goes to the Białowieża Forest to admire its amazing biodiversity.
Piotr Workshop: Mum, Dad - I like spiders!

Arachnids and their observation is his hobby, and while conducting classes he feels like a fish in the water! He loves contact with people and nature. In his free time he plays the guitar.