For 4 weeks we will conduct a series of 4 workshops in 4 selected preschool institutions. Each meeting is a separate adventure with an extraordinary guest who will take children on a journey around the ecological world.
Workshop 1 Workshop 2 Workshop 3 Workshop 4
Workshop 1 Home Waste Sorting Plant How to make our house and kindergarten not litter more than necessary. • How to sort waste in a detached house?
• What is compost and how are composters made?
• How to sort waste in a block of flats?
• Does my kindergarten dispose of rubbish well?
• How to handle medicines, batteries, waste paper, etc.
• How to become a beginner Eco Hero in a few steps?
• What is recycling?
• How long does waste live? Does it live longer than dinosaurs?
• Where to throw the popsicle stick and other puzzles!
The workshops will be conducted by the ambassadors of the *Eco-preschoolers program. Each of them is an expert on ecology, has the ability to communicate energetically and attentively with children.
Anna Workshop: Home Waste Sorting Plant

Waste segregation and recycling are issues that have no secrets for her! She loves to transform old objects into new ones, giving them a second life. In her free time, she cooks organic cakes according to her own recipes.
Paulina Workshop: Let’s help bees

Insects, and especially bees, are her passion. She can spot these little creatures everywhere and knows interesting facts about each one. Whenever she can, she goes to the Białowieża Forest to admire its amazing biodiversity.
Grzegorz Workshop: Natural Energy Sources

He is an expert in renewable energy sources and he can bring them closer even to the little ones. Since childhood, he has been fascinated by technology and experiments, which he now popularizes and explains in an accessible way to new generations.
Piotr Workshop: Water is Life

He is fascinated with water protection, and all phenomena related to it. When conducting classes he feels like a fish in the water! He loves contact with people and nature, and in his free time he plays the guitar.